With our newest building in town, 'Flying Deer' we offer a total of 366 fully furnished studios and apartments in this beautiful city! All well-equipped and with perfect access to public transport, universities, shopping malls and Central Station!

  • All residences are new and completely furnished
  • Fitted with modern devices
  • Private kitchen and bathroom
  • Private washing machine or laundrette
  • Fast internet
  • Awesome roof terrace with free WiFi
  • CCTV surveillance for extra safety
  • Shops and many eateries within a 7 minutes walk


With Utrecht2Stay we offer modern and fully furnished apartments right in the city centre of Utrecht, the cultural beating heart of The Netherlands! Our residences provide modern spaces with your own private kitchen and bathroom.

In order to book, you need to be registered. The registration fee is €23,50


Tenants of our similar residences in Eindhoven and Amsterdam say the following about the residences at Holland2Stay (of which Utrecht2Stay is a part)

  • "A lot of privacy because you do not have to share your kitchen and bathroom."

    - Eleni / van Heenvlietlaan

  • "My apartment really meets the needs I had for a home."

    - Michael / The Beech

  • "I have all the facilities I need in my home. The inventory is also complete."

    - Sabrina / The Beech

  • "Quick internet connection."

    - Brice / van Heenvlietlaan